Life after Ulpan, Bombs in Haifa and Roni has a job!

Hello! Rob sent me an email and I wrote him a proper reply, so here’s an extract from my latest work “An email to Rob”.

Went to Megedo today, which is where the [[Armageddon]] is supposed to be happening! (Armageddon is actually from the words Har Megedo, which means Megedo mountain!). Swam in the [[dead sea]] the other day, climbed [[Masada]] (up the Roman path!) 🙂 This country is full of amazing things to do!

I have a few days left of the [[ulpan]]! I finish on Thursday, and dad’s coming on Friday. Then we’re travelling for a little over a week. The rest is a bit of a haze of going to [[Petra]] (in [[Jordan]]), camping a few nights on the [[Kineret]] and spending time with Maia’s family for [[Pesach]]. On the 16th I start volunteering on a farm up north for two weeks, and I just heard today about another place in the [[Negev]] helping to build an eco-building (or something similar) on a place who get eggs from their own chickens, milk form their goats, grow their own vegetables and recommend you take a tent with if you don’t want to sleep in the open!

After that, nothings fixed (not that any of that was fixed!). I would like it to include some time in [[Sweden]], followed by a week in [[Holland]] before getting a bus back to [[London]] sometime in June or July!

I had no idea Roni was doing a paper round! The police found 6-7 bombs in [[Haifa]] the other day. Nothing exploded, but they’re pretty sure they came from [[East Jerusalem]] (which means they’re Palestinian). (Don’t panic)