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I don’t like Amazon, so here’s my equivalent of their super wish list feature ūüôā I also¬†believe that gifts¬†should be useful (or delicious) and know that people prefer giving gifts they know will be loved.

This is my long-term shopping list. Last updated October 2018.

  • This PulleyMaid to make my life more energy efficient, and more awesome (with the longest slats available).
  • A book with both magicians and space ships.
  • Bar Ends for my bicycle
  • A Segway. Who doesn’t want one?
  • Books like this one¬†or this one. Or these ones:
  • Donations to animal friendly charities¬†or¬†great little charities
  • A FairPhone, I can dream. Or any second-hand iPhone 6 or later.
  • Terry Pratchett books I’ve not read (good luck figuring that one out!)
  • Bike locks and helmets are always handy, a gel saddle to keep my bum dry.
  • A small, catnip plant for indoors would be awesome (if it’s not a bad idea).
  • Membership to things which make the world a better place, like¬†LCC or¬†Ethical Consumer¬†(I have one until September 2019).

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a kitchen utensil or something (vegan) and edible. They’re all amazing, every one of them. Except the useless ones.

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