Sami Greenbury
Technology, Teaching & Travel


Having a website is crucial for most businesses these days. I specialise in working with SOHO businesses and charities and take particular interest in usability and accessibility. – A simpler flyer site to help convert word of mouth referrals into customers – Bringing an established brick and mortar store online, and on mobile. – needed extra help to help their customers find them – A topic close to my heart, Smoke Free Me help people ditch smoking through good planning and organisation – A resources site for my favourite game. Now offline. – Fed up with paying huge fees and waiting weeks for small website changes to be made, COSMIC came to me for a CMS. – Portraying trust and ease of use is not easy when dealing with hundreds of thousands customer money. I also worked on a back-end CRM. – this client dreamt up a snappy and fun way to talk about TV personalities. Now Offline. – A flyer site with information useful to your b2b clients is an easy ROI. – One of my pet projects, I organise a Hebrew Speakers group who meet around London to share our love of the language. This is a portal site directing people to more specialised places (

You get (if you want):

  • A website which matches your organisations vibe, and works well on all devices – mobile, tablets and desktops
  • Basically as many pages as you like, after 15 or so we may need to talk quotes
  • A Blog/News
  • Photo Galleries
  • Based on your own copy, I’ll re-work it to make it website friendly if it needs
  • Advice on domains and hosting (I can arrange free hosting for most charities) if you haven’t got. If you already have these I can reconfigure them as necessary
  • All your questions answered

It Costs:

  • Around £1,000 – £4,000, depending on your specific requirements. Get in touch for a quote, as a rough guide if you’ve got up to 10 pages it’ll be at the cheaper end, if you count your pages by the dozen at the higher end.
  • Ongoing costs can vary quite a bit, hosting and a domain for SOHO sites is usually around £20 per month.
  • Once your site is launched, there are various bits of maintenance which need doing – including updates, backups and recovery in case the worst happens. I offer a support package which includes all this from around £45 per month plus an hour of my time where you can say “Update this page, add these photos” so you can get on with running your own magic rather than website updating. For more complicated sites (such as e-commerce sites) we’ll need to talk quotes.
  • Post-build development is as flexible as your imagination (and budget!), I have some support plans which let grow at an easy to manage rate – but because the site is built on WordPress you’re not tied to getting me to make the updates and there’s a huge market of developers out there.

The process works like this:

  1. We meet to go through what you want (the stuff you know you want, and the stuff you don’t know you want), take some photos if you haven’t got any and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the meeting I’ll give you a time-scale for launch.
  2. I go away and make your site, I’ll check in with you now and then to ensure we’re on the same page
  3. Shortly before launch the site will be ready for review, you can share it with anyone you like to get their feedback and make any last changes
  4. Launch day! This will be arranged with your marketing gurus if you like
  5. After launch, we’ll have another meeting where I’ll show you how to maintain your site, make changes and keep it fresh
  6. For 1 month after launch, any small tweaks or bug fixes are free, and for 3 months you get “How do I do this in WordPress?” support. If you get either of my support packages, these are included forever.

These things cost more:

  • Complex systems such as having your visitors login and interact
  • Your site will be SEO friendly and ready for optimisation, however if you want to go down that route (finding customers searching for your services) that’s an additional service. If your customers find you by word of mouth or from your own publicity, you probably don’t need the extra cost of SEO. We can talk if you’d like to know more