Sami Greenbury
Technology, Teaching & Travel


I am a programmer, troubleshooter, technical support person. I like to write code because it feels awesome to make someone’s life easier by getting the computer to help them.

This is a technical portfolio, if you’re here because you’d like me to make you a website, checkout page about how to get a website.

Relevant work history can be found on my LinkedIn:

Greasemonkey Scripts

Frustrated by the lack of auto-saving drafts in Fastmail I wrote a simple scrip to Autosave Drafts in

Zend Framework 1

I’ve done a lot of work in Zend Framework 1, and have released some items which others may find useful here:

jQuery Plugins

I’ve made a few jQuery Plugins, you can view them here:


I’ve been getting very into NodeJS over the past year. Anything useful I release will end up here, currently it consists of an Express Middleware for sharing PHP Sessions with an Express server.


I have some modest contributions on GitHub

Technical Blogs

Where I’ve come up with something or solved a problem without much help from the Internet, I’ve written a blog about it:

Jump To for Programmers Notepad

I’ve written JumpTo script for my favourite text editor to replicate one of my favourite features of the bulky IDEs.

For several years I was a volunteer developer at which constantly gives me great challenges not found in standard websites, I’ve argued with Drupal and learned to love NodeJS, debugged bizarre code and parsed binary map files in PHP. You can find my PHP Map Parsing file in my Zend Framewok repository. and it’s forerunners have been my coding playground from the days of frame-based sites through PHP, VB6 and Zend Framework. I get to do fun things such as the Game Patches page which extracts a ZIP file and compiles a preview of the contents, and a map finder which started out well but then somebody built a better one. The side effect is an unofficial content site for ArmorCritical which players find useful.


I’m a fan of standards compliance and also of user friendliness. So it make sense that my WYSIWYG editor of choice is WYMEditor. I found it lacking a few features I wanted to offer, so I wrote some plugins for WYMEditor.

Postcode Picker

Fed up with sites which didn’t plot their locations on a map, I made a Postcode Picker to do the job for me.

Barcode Scanning Kitchen PC

I have a barcode-scanner powered computer in my kitchen, it’s handy for getting bus times and launching the radio. Unfortunately, I wrote it in bash (as an exercise in bash) and it’s incredibly slow, then the Raspberry Pi which powers it stopped working. One day, it’ll be back with vengeance.


While playing with some fun things I had the problem of needing to Diff two HTTP requests. So I made an HTTP-Diff tool. How’s that for niche?


If you’re still reading, you may find some interesting things here