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Kindu Klub Collection

At the end of this month I’ll be going to Ethiopia to spend a couple of weeks with a youth group who work with children in Gondar to support them through life and school.

It’s a super project, you can read more about them here:

I’m also in the process of trying to get in touch with some Scouts over there too!

Love Football?

One of the things the children love most is a passion shared by many here in the UK too. Football!

If you have any spare football related items in need of a very worthy new home please let me know! The club are trying to setup a football team and could really use some football shirts, boots or other clothes.

Not into Football?

If your wardrobe, like mine, isn’t packed full of old football stuff it would also be really useful for me to take any of your spare:

  • Laptops – help share the joys and opportunities of IT and the Internet
  • Shoes – Of any shape, size or colour
  • Hygine Stuff – New/Spare Tooth Brushes, toothpastes, flannels, towels etc

Already Decluttered?

Good for you for not keeping stuff you don’t need! If you’d still like to help, you can donate some cash which I’ll pool together to purchase the items most required!
Please get in touch if you have anything you can offer and we’ll work out drop offs or collections!

All the little things from all the good people will add up to make a difference 🙂