A weekend in Evron, and back to Ein Hashofet

Just got back from being at [[kibbutz]] Evron for the weekend 🙂 It was good! Hopefully going to Jer next weekend!

It rained today. Every time I leave the country you get snow!

On Skype no good time to get me, I’m only online a few minutes a day here (and loving it!) but you can call me any time after 2.30 London time any day by calling 02033553172 or 08448615959 and when it asks my number is 009725xxxxxxxx. I don’t think 0203 is free in the evening, probably not.

Hebrew is going good! Learning lots, collecting verbs etc!

I liked Evron, would have been better with some company though! So.. you guys should come 😉 How it compares to other Kibbutzim? Well I can only compare it to [[Ein Hashofet]] which I think is quite opposite!

Ein Hashofet is more communal. Ein Hashofet is in the middle of nowhere… Evron… isn’t! The pub was a lot bigger and busier, which probably has something to do with the city so close by, we get the odd person from Haifa or another nearby kibbutz (theres 3 or 4 within about 8km) but for the most part it’s just kibbutzniks. The Dining Room is the same – though from what I gather they’re all the same!

Jer is the only way I can write [[Jerusalem]] without looking it up or spelling it wrong 🙂