A Boat Upon the Rainbow River

I started in [[Rosh Pina]],
had some fantastic things for dinner,
went there for a week or two,
ended up staying a few.

peddled my way back down south,
stopped a lot, to water my mouth,
arrived in [[Nahalal]] within the day,
couldn’t meet Irit, so thought I’d stay.

Sunday the 7th came along,
what the hell rhymes with along,
cycled the hill to [[kibbutz]],
stuck again, flangrant atutz.

Saw everybody, had a great time,
the food was good, the weather was fine,
went to the pub, saw a band,
cleaned up a virus, gave them a hand.

stayed there a week,
never got around, to sorting my teak, (bag in Hebrew!)
emailed some farms, worked up a hype,
got no replies, so made a Skype.

Spoke to Marc, down in the centre,
agreed to go there, he’d be my mentor,
we’d build some ovens, and lay some concrete,
I’d stay 10 days, perhaps a week.

Now here I sit, in his living room,
on his laptop, sleeping soon,
went on a trip, then rested [[Shabbat]],
have yet to work, emptied his fridge but. (using some Hebrew grammar there ;))

I think another week I’ll stay,
then travel to Evron in a day,
spend some time with the family,
organize my stuff and my diary.

my last week will be in [[Tel Aviv]],
catching the culture like a sieve,
might make some stops, see some friends,
say bye to all, tie up some ends.

a few more weeks and I’ll be home,
visiting the tower, seeing the dome,
can’t wait to be there, it’s been a lifetime,
thank god for the [[Internet]], my mothers lifeline 😉