Final few days in Israel!


In exactly three days I’ll be on an airplane coming home! And I can’t wait 😀

I’m in [[Haifa]] at the moment, staying with Tom (Maia’s Cousin). I’m hoping to go to [[Tel-Aviv]] tonight but it’ll probably be in the morning because I have nowhere solid to stay (and I’m waiting for a reply from my new favourite site

I ended up back on kibbutz the other day! Despite my ‘really really this is actually the last time I’m leaving’ goodbye last week! I was meeting Mike and Orly to goto the Carmelite Monastery (as recommended by Eli as one of the places I need to goto if I get a chance). The view is insane, I’m not even going to try and describe it!

The plan was to meet at the kibbutz, but we managed to miss each other (no idea how) so we met at the monastery instead (by luck of course, since none of us have a phone). Afterwards I couldn’t get a lift to [[Yokneam]] to get a bus back to Haifa, and after a couple of hours trying I gave up and went to see Inbar (Toms sister who lives on the [[kibbutz]]) to give Tom a call and let him know I was going to be even later.

Inbar called Tom, and Tom came to visit and brought me back to Haifa – where I promptly fell asleep. It’d been a sleep deprived few days!

After half a days sleep I set off to Haifa – keeping an open mind despite my vision of Haifa as a city of one landmark – the Bahi Gardens. The very pretty but totally useless tourist office only confirmed that there’s nothing to do. I wandered around a little, found a small art gallery and a tourist synagogue (eh eh) and saw a lot of back alleys whilst trying to find the bus back to Tom’s place. The tourist office turned out to be worth something, she told me where the bus stop was – and was right!

woop woop!