Belgium – Not Your Average Monday Morning

Woooo! It doesn’t get much better than this! From stressing in an Internet Cafe to chilling in a pub with a Finn (Yogart), a Spaniard (Carlos) and a Bulgarian (Sofia). I got a lift with an Italian (Who’s name I mis-remembered and wrote down somewhere) from Waterloo: having squeezed in through a gap in the fence, climbed the grass pyramid and stopped for some humous as I gazed into the blackness which was a historic view just hours ago (Before the sun set…), and then had to jump a fence to get out.
So the Italian dropped me right at the station and, joy of joys, I caught the first train to Brussels. A little nervous because although I had a ticket from Waterloo to Brussels I was getting on the train a stop early, and the train didn’t even stop at Waterloo. Which is a totally unnecessary balagan since I had a train pass for all of Belgium. Unfortunately I left that in the luggage locker.
The lift back and good fortune with the trains left me with enough time to wander a little. I enquired about how the [[Boris Bikes]] work (about the same as ours but with a week pass also) and to find an awesome pub and meet the above mentioned awesomes. It was, curiously enough, a smoking pub. It does seem that England is the only country which has managed to introduce a smoking ban and stick with it 🙂
Day 1. Not so bad eh? The writing will probably go down hill from here. I await now my ride for [[ Frankfurt]] where I hope to find a hostel for the night… or morning. Some Internet probably too, to send this to you my lovelies.