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Va Va Voy a Mexico!

I’m currently travelling at 578mph 10,000m above Greenland through -66C air. Not too shabby for a first blog post eh?

Aparently the flight will be 90 minutes shorter than expected*, thanks presumably to favourable winds. We’ve just eaten, my vegan meal was pretty awesome aside from the milk based creamer they gave me. I had mushroom couscous, nice bread, salad and a rice pudding0esque dessert. At 587mph, that’s my kind of fast food!

I’m sat next to a tennis player and a French lady – with whom I can communicate only enough to pass a pen back and forward as we both struggle to translate the Mexican Border Control forms. Hurrah for my Kindle! Though where’s Saz when you have an actual need for some French?

10 minutes later, the crew find the English forms. Typical eh?


* as it turned out, it was only 10 minutes shorter.


2 thoughts on “Va Va Voy a Mexico!”

  1. So much to mock and so few ways of doing it! Firstly, thanks for the geography lesson in your first blog.

    Now, out of pure curiosity is your “there in plenty of time” quote sarcastic because by the looks of it you only had 5 minutes? Unless i’m missing something really obvious (most likely).

    It does sound almost English for them to have found the forms just when you managed to sort yourselves out (Did you really trust the frenchy borrow your kindle?).

    That’s all for now. I look forward to a more Mexico based blog when you actually get out there 😉

    P.s. You don’t really think I’d have helped you out with the French do you? As I’m sure (purely biased obviously) that it’d be far more amusing to watch you struggle than to actually help you out.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by the geography lesson, unless you actually mean in my second post. Since my Kindle only did Spanish to English, it wouldn’t have been much use to the Frenchy. And of course I expected you to have sat there and sniggered as we enjoyed a cross culture exchange of body language. But I thought of you none the less 🙂

      About being there in plenty of time, perhaps I should have taken a photo earlier. That was after I had shopped around for a cable for the camera (twice), explored the length of the terminal and had a bagel. Which I did photograph but it didn’t look as good as it tasted!

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