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Wutsburg – The Tale of the Stray Orange

That wretched Nicole! She gave me an Orange! I was harmlessly looking for the time and place for my ride share tomorrow and I find an orange among all the other bits and pieces she gave me!
Anyway, Wednesday morning the plan was to go into town and look around but I slept sound through a full 50% of the daylight hours so we wandered down at about 12:30. The town is so wonderful! Fairytale houses, foot wide passage ways and the mighty river Main criss crossed by cobbled streets and sloping lanes. First up we visited the castle! Which is now a mesuem about life back in the day. [[Lohr]] is the home to [[Snow White]] as well as having it’s own highway robber!
After picking Jamil up from the Kinderrgarden we wandered down to the river and back, past some wonderful buildings and had Chinese to eat, visited an old Church with memorial stones from the 1200’s and then headed to Nicoles mum’s house where she has the [[Internet]]. It’s in an annexed village south of the river, greener and with river side playgrounds. After some time on and I decided that a bus to [[Gothenburg]] and a couch there for a day or to would be good. It took me another 2 days to get around to it, by which time the only bus was Monday evening. Good for my time in [[Germany]], but a bit more restricting in [[Sweden]]!

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