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Cycling + Rosh Pina

Just a short email because I’m not in a writing mood 🙂 I got to my place today.. it’s in [[Rosh Pina]] just north of the Kineret (next to [[Tsfat]]). I cycled here from [[Nahalal]] – the eco farm – over the weekend. (71 km of uphill!)

I did about 3/2rds of the way, then camped by a completely clear incredibly clear, see-through-almost-invisibly-clear spring (made a little less romantic by the concrete box they (the army) put it in). And today set off the last part, which turned out to be less than a third of the way – but this literally was all uphill.

I camped out under a flyover for a couple of hours when the sun was high, finished my book and had some lunch (bread, humous and sunflower seeds) then cycled – wearing a blue blanket like a cape to keep the sun away – the last… what turned out to be kilometre to Rosh Pina.

Following my written directions, I entered the town.. cycled up the hill and asked for Mark Rubin. Don’t be sceptical my friends, it worked a charm! Turns out everyone in the town knows this guy.

So now I’m here, sharing a room/restaurant with a guy called Amir. This places opens as a cheese/bread restaurant twice a week, and our room is part of that. Here they have a bunch of goats and some chickens and they grow some vegetables. They make cheese with the milk, and bake – from what I’ve heard – amazing bread.

Ok enough writing. Feel free to write back and tell me what’s going in your boring goat-free lives 😉 mwhaha

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